UPM Fine is a paper to suit everyone's needs. Valued by corporates as a showcase for big brand images, agencies are equally delighted with the way it show their concepts to the best advantage. And thanks to its high runnability and printability it makes a dream. Experience UPM Fine with a range of remarkable finishes over the following pages. No excessive luxury, just pleasure of a very special kind.

90 g/m2
65 x 100 cm
110 g/m2
63.5 x 90 cm
120 g/m2
63.5 x 94 cm
170 g/m2
65 x 95 cm
250 g/m2
65 x 95 cm

Plus Point:
  • Opacity ISO 84-100
  • CIE Wihiteness 135-148
  • D65 Brightness (%) 100-105
  • Laser Inkjet Guaranteed
  • Acid Free
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001

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